Is there a distinction between the academic left and the Twitter fever swamp?

On Christmas day, the following statement popped up on Twitter:

Just so we’re clear on the Right’s agenda – racism good, abortion bad, money good, women bad, capitalism good, sustainability bad, stupidity good, science bad, power good, equality bad, white people good, nonwhite people bad. Stench, indeed.

Who wrote this simple-minded rant? Monica Casper. Who is Casper? The dean of the College of Arts and Letters at San Diego State University in California.

What support did Casper provide for any of her derogatory characterizations of the views of people on the opposite side of the ideological divide from her? None.

Being a left-wing academic means you’re free to indulge in mindless name-calling — to mimic tweets from the deepest, most deranged regions of the far-left fever swamp — without having to provide evidence or analysis.

The explanation for Casper’s tweet isn’t to be found in evidence, analysis, or, indeed, rationality. Perhaps it can be found in this post that Steve Hayward put up yesterday.

By the way, according to this source, it costs $30,522 a year for California residents to attend San Diego State University. For out of state students, the cost is $42,402.

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