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Good morning. It’s Monday, Nov. 1, 2021. This is Tom Kavanagh, stepping in for Carl, who is away but should be back in the saddle tomorrow. Were he here, I suspect he’d briefly note some of the momentous events that occurred on this date in history: the volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii (79 A.D.); a horrific earthquake that claimed tens of thousands of lives in Portugal (1755); and the foiled Truman assassination attempt (1950).

On the other side of the ledger, Nov. 1 marked the public unveiling of Michelangelo’s magnificent paintings on the Sistine Chapel ceiling (1512), an astonishing achievement in human (but divinely inspired) endeavor. Who knows whether the events of this year’s first day of the 11th month will be recalled for their lasting impact. Given the shaky state of our affairs, I hope not.

With that, I’d point you to RCP’s front page, which presents our poll averages, videos, breaking news stories, and aggregated opinion pieces spanning the political spectrum. We also offer original material from our own reporters, columnists, and contributors, including the following:


Taking the Infrastructure Bill Hostage Didn’t Work. Bill Scher explains why progressives’ linkage of the physical and “social” infrastructure spending measures has failed to twist moderates’ arms.

RCP Takeaway. Sean Trende, Susan Crabtree and Phil Wegmann join Andy Walworth to discuss Biden’s European trip, the New Jersey and Virginia governor races, and whether Facebook/Meta is ripe for regulation.

An Open Letter to Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken. Peter Berkowitz appeals to the administrator to better promote free speech following other Yale officials’ pressuring of a student to apologize for a party invitation they deemed “triggering.”

When McCain Considered Lieberman for VP. This excerpt from former Sen. Joe Lieberman’s “The Centrist Solution” revisits a surprising overture from the GOP presidential nominee in 2008.

How Will the Midterms Play in Pittsburgh? Andrew Cuff sizes up several key races, in which western Pennsylvanians will likely play a determining role.

Congress Cannot Regulate Voting in Presidential Elections. Steven Gow Calabresi writes that constitutional issues undercut efforts to nationalize election practices.

Election Updates for Nov. 1. Todd Carney’s latest report is at RealClearPolicy.

Taiwan: Will We or Won’t We? At RealClearDefense, Anthony Cowden dissects the vague language of the Taiwan Relations Act, which governs U.S. response to threats to the autonomous island off the coast of mainland China.

We Need a Nuanced Method to Discuss Race. At RealClearEducation, Andrew Hartz and Samantha Hedges advocate against  placing individuals and groups into binary categories.

Coup in Sudan Puts Religious Freedom at Risk. At RealClearReligion, Sean Nelson warns that other African nations could follow suit in lessening protections for faith groups.

The Missed Opportunity of the Hungarian Uprising. At the RealClearHistory, Francis Sempa revisits events in Budapest 65 years ago.

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