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Now I know what you’re thinking: “Defund the cops!”?? Has Hayward lost his mind at last? Is he growing desperate for new ways to troll “Lucretia”?

Not at all. In this case, I mean not Defund the Police, but “Defund the COPs,” meaning the annual UN globull warming “Council Of the Parties” conference (known in climatista lingo as COP 26) opening in a few days in Glasgow, Scotland.

President Biden is attending, and to show his commitment to climate mania he is taking half of his cabinet with him. Which provokes the obvious question: Is there any way we can make them stay there? Defund their return plane tickets!

It is hard to know where to begin with this “prolonged and solemn farce” (to borrow Churchill’s phrase about the equally fatuous disarmament conferences of the 1930s). Actually the problem is knowing where to stop, as every day brings fresh evidence of how the entire Climate Change Circus Tent Show is collapsing in real time.

First, COP 26 has been in disarray for months. Rail workers in Glasgow are threatening a strike in service if typical union wage demands. Road closures for COP 26 will make getting around impossible for local residents. There’s there’s this detail:

Today MPs have been warned of an “accommodation crisis” amongst attendees, with as many as 3000 people still without room bookings, and emergency accommodation now being provided in gyms and community centres. Despite being in the calendar for years, the government’s accommodation provider only managed to book out “around a third” of the Glasgow area’s hotel rooms.

I’m sure Greta is getting a deluxe suite though. But: Queen Elizabeth is not coming after all! And Prince Charles in her place is sure to sink the thing.

Second, President Biden may be showing up with a nearly full cabinet, but otherwise he is coming empty-handed. The U.S. hasn’t passed any significant climate legislation to point at. The Green New Deal is pretty much dead. Nor is the U.S. going to cough up the wealth transfers (aka, bribes) that Third World countries are demanding to go along with this charade.

Third, there is the growing recognition that we actually need to keep using fossil fuels, including from Wall Street virtue signalers who have been leading the green bandwagon:

Energy crisis will set off social unrest, private-equity billionaire warns

“We’re going to end up with a real shortage of energy. And when you have a shortage, it’s going to cost more. And it’s probably going to cost a lot more,” the private-equity billionaire told CNN International’s Richard Quest at a conference in Saudi Arabia.

US oil prices climbed above $85 a barrel on Monday for the first time in seven years. Gas prices continue to creep higher, nearing $3.40 a gallon nationally, according to AAA. Natural gas prices have likewise skyrocketed, especially in Europe and Asia, prompting the shutdown of factories.

Part of the problem, the Blackstone billionaire said, is that it’s getting harder and harder for fossil fuel companies to borrow money to fund their expensive production activities, especially in the United States. And without new production, supply won’t keep up.

“If you try and raise money to drill holes, it’s almost impossible to get that money,” Schwarzman said, adding that this is happening on an “extremely wide-scale basis.”

So. . . there’s one obvious idea that comes to mind.

And then there’s China:

China’s Ambitious Climate Goals Collide With Reality, Hampering Global Efforts

China, the world’s largest greenhouse-gas polluter, is heading to Glasgow climate talks next week with a bold agenda: For the first time, it promises to take major steps to wean itself off fossil fuels, committing to net-zero emissions before 2060.

But in the coming decade, the country says, its carbon emissions will continue to rise, peaking sometime before 2030. China’s climate pledges are bumping up against realities on the ground. The world’s No. 2 economy is so large and still growing so quickly that it might not be technically possible, let alone politically palatable, for the country’s leaders to move faster. . .

Stay tuned. we’ll have more to say about Defunding these COPs over the next week.

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