Say It Ain’t So, Superman!

(John Hinderaker)

The Man of Steel has disappeared into space, and I take it that DC Comics is desperate for some kind of relevance. Thus, the Telegraph headlines: “New Superman revealed as bisexual in latest DC Comics series.” But the article actually sounds a little worse than that:

In the new Superman: Son of Kal-El series of comics, Jonathan Kent, the son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent who has disappeared off into deep space, assumes the protagonist role and begins a romantic relationship with a male friend.

Superman’s coming-out, announced on Monday by DC Comics, will appear in the new issue of the sequel released on November 9, as Jon Kent progresses from Superboy to Superman and assumes his father’s powers.

Tom Taylor, the writer of the sequel, told the New York Times: “Everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes.”

I am not sure I understand that argument. What about the 97% or 98% of comic book readers who are not gay? But Superman’s romantic proclivities are not the only issue:

“A new Superman had to have new fights — real world problems — that he could stand up to as one of the most powerful people in the world.”

Since the Superman: Son of Kal-El series made its debut in July, Jon Kent has been deployed to battle several contemporary issues including wildfires sparked by climate change.

Note the reference to “stupid borders”

The new comics will also feature Superman “foiling school shootings and refugee deportations.” I’m so old, I can remember when Superman was on the side of law enforcement.

I was never much of a comic book reader and now am completely out of touch with the reading tastes of 11-year-old boys, but it is hard to believe that a gay Superman is poised for commercial success. It feels more like the last gasp of a dying brand, or, perhaps, a dying industry.

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