Al Franken returns to comedy

So says the Washington Post. However, there’s nothing in the Post’s report on Franken’s performance in Northampton, Massachusetts that shows he’s saying anything funny — not intentionally, anyway.

According to Post reporter Karen Heller, Ted Cruz is the main target of Franken’s barbs. He devoted five minutes of alleged comedy to attacking the Texas Senator.

Franken informed his audience, “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like Ted Cruz. [I think he means former colleagues.] And I really hate Ted Cruz.”

Is this line true? I don’t know. Is it funny? No.

Cruz also hates Mitch McConnell. Apparently, the Republican leader comes in ahead of Donald Trump as a Franken target, but well behind Cruz.

Heller says that Franken swears “like a sailor” during his routine. I understand from reading Ammo Grrrll that this is the trend in contemporary comedy. But is it funny for Franken to “call Cruz any invective he wishes?” If so, maybe I should charge admission to my house the next time I see Joe Biden on television.

Heller does report one good line from Franken’s show:

An audience member asked, “Can comedy be a bridge for the political divide in America?”

Franken gazed at the audience, and shrugged. “Why do you think I’m doing this tour?”

Bridging the political divide one obscenity-laced tirade against leading Republicans at a time. Hilarious.

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