New report shows 83% of Americans may possess coronavirus immunity

In what should be positive news, it is being ignored by much of the American media. However, CNN Philippines reported that around 80% of Americans ages 16+ have some natural immunity to COVID-19. The finding also shows that the actual case count is likely double that of the official count.

This comes after blood donations led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the CDC’s Dr. Jefferson Jones sought to determine how close the country was to reaching herd immunity.

Starting in July 2020, the team collected samples in all 50 states, which amounted to 1.4 million blood samples. In May 2021, samples showed that 83.3% possessed antibodies to the virus, which is a more optimistic picture than American media would have us believe.

And while numbers fluctuate and variants emerge, we need to take a careful look at how the story is being distorted. We hear remarks about hospitals overflowing and ICU beds filling, but according to Johns Hopkins, these situations are not solely because of COVID patients. Below, you’ll find the breakdown of ICU beds by COVID and non-COVID beds occupied for Wisconsin, Texas, and South Carolina.

Image from John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
Image from John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
Image from John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Yes, cases are up, but to blame it entirely on coronavirus and the unvaccinated is abjectly false and contributes to the twisting of data we see so much of from mainstream media sources.

We must also consider the role vaccine mandates have played in decreasing open beds. When a hospital declares how many ICU beds are available, this is a figure that considers how many nurses are available to care for said beds. Saying a hospital is “full” doesn’t indicate that all beds are taken. 

It often points to a lack of staff coverage, which is growing more widespread with every mandate, as nurses resign in droves. While it’s not incorrect to say “there are no beds,” it also projects an image of patients overflowing into the hallways, which isn’t the case, at least not for COVID-19. 

In short, America needs the full story. We need figures, data, and variables in full context, not the morsels of fear that the experts feel we, as a nation, are privy to. Content syndicated from with permission.

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