About Those “Republican Security Officials”

Paul wrote earlier today about the 130 purported “Republican national security officials” who endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, because he is perfectly normal, amazingly intelligent, and above all, oh-so-dignified. No reporter would dream of asking these individuals, most of whom hardly anyone has heard of, whether they have changed their minds after seven months of the Biden administration.

Perhaps the best-known of these “Republican” endorsers of Joe Biden is former CIA and NSA Director General Michael Hayden. Hayden tweeted yesterday:

I will hazard a wild guess that the hate that drips from Michael Hayden is Democratic Party hate. If he were actually a Republican, he might know that Republicans have, on average, a higher vaccination rate than Democrats. But that would involve him in data, and as we all know, Democrats don’t do data. But even washed-up Democrats can get their names in the paper when they pretend to be Republicans.

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