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Politico Playbook reports the White House talking points on what was then the imminent fall of Kabul:

– TALKING POINT 1: “This is not Saigon.”

Rebutted by the video below.

— TALKING POINT 2: The White House was prepared for this.

Rebutted by the video below.

— TALKING POINT 3: We couldn’t wait any longer.

A variation of farcical talking point 4.

— TALKING POINT 4: This is all Trump’s fault.

Even the operatives at Politico note this: “You can’t argue both that pulling out was good and the right thing to do, and that Trump gave you no choice but to pull out.”

There is much more to be said, but the searing videos below are more than enough for now. What an abject disgrace.

And this, via Yahoo News/ANI.

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