A Bifocal Look at BIPOC

(Steven Hayward)

As everyone knows, the obsession with identity politics and pronoun correctness attempts to impose a lot of terminological exactitude on everyone, none more so that than use of “Latinx” for people of Hispanic descent. There have been some polls showing that actual hispanics dislike the term or are at best indifferent to it.

The Gallup Poll is out with a new survey on ethnic nomenclature, finding that only 4 percent of Hispanics prefer the term “Latinx,” while 23 percent prefer “Hispanic,” and 15 percent “Latino.” By far the largest proportion—57 percent—say “It does not matter.” I wonder what the result would have been if one of Gallup’s choices on the question was “American.”

Turns out American Blacks have similar attitudes.  Only 17 percent say they prefer “Black,” and only 17 percent prefer “African-American.” Like Hispanics, 58 percent say “It doesn’t matter.”

It’s almost as if minorities prefer to be treated as individuals rather than as rigidly defined victim groups.

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