Biden shows his true colors on crime

One of the factors Sen. Tom Cotton cited as contributing to the wave of violent crime is the unwillingness of big city prosecutors (some elected thanks to cash from George Soros) to prosecute entire categories of misdemeanors. I agree that this, coupled with a more lenient overall approach by local prosecutors, is a contributing factor.

Joe Biden seems determined to make things even worse by appointing soft-on-crime federal prosecutors. I infer this from his selection of Erek Barron to be U.S. Attorney for Maryland.

The Washington Post describes Barron as “a member of the [Maryland] General Assembly’s Legislative Black Caucus and a champion of criminal justice reform.” It notes that he and seven other members of that caucus drafted “police reform” legislation after the death of George Floyd.

Barron’s nomination received praise from the “jailbreak” crowd. One of them, the Speaker of the Maryland House, said that Barron’s work on corrections and sentencing reform has “helped Maryland become a national leader” in “smarter public safety strategies.”

Maryland’s public safety strategies are so smart that Baltimore has become a national leader in crime, and one of the least safe cities in America. At the halfway point of this year, Baltimore was on track to hit 300 homicides for the seventh consecutive year and was projected to have more than 1,000 shootings by year’s end.

Blame goes mainly to Baltimore’s political establishment for its treatment of the police, among other misguided policies. But the Maryland legislature rates an assist for making the state a national leader in soft-on-crime policies.

Biden may talk tough (okay, semi-tough) about crime for public consumption, but appointing Barron demonstrates what he, or whoever is running the show, really thinks our criminal law policy should be. Team Biden wants less aggressive policing and more leniency for criminals, unless the lawbreakers happen to be Republicans and/or Trump supporters.

This agenda, which reverses the highly successful policies of the 1990s and early 2000s, will not lead to a reduction in crime. If anything, it will lead to an increase.

By nominating Barron, Biden shows his true colors when it comes to crime. Who needs George Soros when you have Joe Biden in the Oval Office?

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