Loose Ends (134)

(Steven Hayward)

Lately I’ve been dipping into the great memoirs of Raymond Moley again. Moley was FDR’s closest confidante early from the governor’s mansion in Albany and into the White House in 1933. In fact, Moley wrote most of FDR’s very problematic First Inaugural Address (but not the much more problematic Commonwealth Club Address).

Moley broke with FDR after 1936, appalled by where he thought the New Deal had gone badly wrong, and FDR’s increasing monomania. Afterwards Moley moved to the right and eventually became a Republican. He wrote this in one of his memoirs, and see if it doesn’t apply to today:

“Progressivism has always thrived upon the attacks of its enemies. It remains to be seen whether it can survive the mistakes of its friends.”

Over at the American Thinker, Gamaliel Isaac writes:

“Critical Race Theory is liable to end for reasons very similar to the reasons the Salem witch trials ended.”

Let us hope this is true. I am doubtful. The biggest question for the fall is what is going to happen on college campuses that were shut down for the last academic year, and hence missed the chance for campus protests about George Floyd, BLM, Defund the Police, etc. Will the “great reset” entail things calming down, with students and faculty alike saying they’ve had enough wokery, or will there be pent up demand to push even further to the left? I can see either outcome happening.

Finally—what’s wrong with the humanities on college campuses in 10 seconds:

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