Feddie Night Fights, FedSoc Style

Forget Friday Night Lights. How about Feddie Night Fights—Federalist Society style?

Two weeks from now, on Wednesday June 30 at 8 pm eastern time, I’ll be refereeing a Federalist Society student division online webinar on the issue of whether the Declaration of Independence should inform judicial interpretation of the Constitution. This is a live issue on the right, and I’ve written an outline of the two sides of this issue, but for this event I’ll be the fight referee, intervening only when the combatants are in a clinch or tangled on the ropes.

Our two heavyweight pugilists will be Hadley Arkes, emeritus professor of jurisprudence from Amherst and founder of the James Wilson Institute, and Lee Strang, professor of law at the University of Toledo School of Law.

The poster for the event is below, but the direct link to sign up for the webinar is here. (You will also be able to watch on YouTube, Facebook live, and Twitter.) Put it on your calendar and join us if you can.


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