Sting like a Babylon Bee: The sequel

I took a look at the New York Times’s drive-by defamation of the Babylon Bee last week in “Sting like a Babylon Bee.” The Times disparaged the Bee as a a “far-right misinformation site” that “sometimes trafficked in misinformation in the guise of satire.”

The Bee is of course a site devoted exclusively to satire with a conservative bent. The Times’s reference to the Bee as a “far-right misinformation site” virtually defies belief. The Times compounded the error in a ridiculous update.

Say this for the Times. When it comes to misinformation, it speaks with the authority of a perpetrator and hard-core recidivist. Were it not for the example of the Bee itself, we might think it impossible to satirize the Times.

The Bee followed up with a threatening letter to the Times seeking a correction. As Tyler O’Neil relates for PJ Media, the Times has finally corrected its story. Via Twitter, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon claimed victory.

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