Group Produces Helpful Chart to Understand Radical Social Justice Rhetoric

The radical left has been using many new terms in the past few years to help push their causes of social justice. Terms like ‘decolonization’ and ‘systemic racism’ have become more mainstream topics in recent years as Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to push the radical agenda.

One group decided to put all these terms into a handy cheat sheet for policymakers. Drs. Bruce Gilley, Peter Boghossian, and James Lindsay produced the cheat sheet and it helps clearly identify the real meaning of the radicals when they use these terms.

For example, the term ‘environmental justice’ actually means environmental issues are race issues. Or the term ‘racial justice’ where the woke left actually means using anti-discrimination laws for political gain.

The chart shows the double standards of the left and how they say one thing, but mean something entirely different. You can see the chart as shared by Peter Boghossian below.

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