Vernon Jones: We Must Stand With Israel and Jewish Americans

In this time of uncertainty in Israel and in the United States, I want to make one fact absolutely clear. I support the right of Israel to exist as a nation, and I support the right for Jewish Americans to live peacefully alongside us.

This should not be a controversial statement. No politician should ever be afraid to say it. Unfortunately, we live in a time where my statement is considered controversial, and many Democrats in office refuse to condemn the rising antisemitism in our country and abroad as Israel defends itself from a terrorist assault.

When the Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas attacked Israel in early May, the country naturally defended its people and fought back. Israel never asked to be struck by a volley of missiles, and the country certainly did not ask for an armed conflict. But when the Israeli people were threatened, the nation returned fire. Thousands of rockets were reportedly fired at Israel within the first few days of the conflict. If a foreign power threatened and attacked the United States in the same manner, we likely would have reacted the same as Israel.

But rather than stand with our greatest ally in the Middle East, many Democrats outright condemned Israel for fighting back. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn,m blatantly called Israel’s retaliation “an act of terrorism.” This should come as no surprise considering her history of antisemitic remarks. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., appeared to tweet that Israel was an “apartheid state.” She even introduced a resolution in the House to block the U.S. from selling arms to our Israeli allies. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., attacked people for even daring to defend Israel.

And the problem isn’t just isolated to a select few Democrats in Congress. This problem extends throughout the Democratic Party. Democrats in the House of Representatives successfully blocked legislation in May that would have imposed sanctions on foreign entities that provided assistance to Hamas. To put that into perspective, the U.S. government officially recognizes Hamas as a “Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.” It almost appears as if the Democratic Party is beginning to turn its back on Israel and its people.

That terrible sentiment is spreading to a small minority of people within our own country who also appear to have hatred in their hearts. The inability of Democrats to condemn the Hamas attacks against Israel – whether they know it or not – is signaling to the few people with antisemitic views in our country that their hatred is normal and even reasonable. And whether it is through their words or even through violence, antisemites are increasingly acting on their abhorrent views.

Just take a look at what is happening right now in America. Jewish Americans are facing danger in their own country as the number of attacks against them appear to be increasing. In recent weeks, Jewish Americans have been attacked in Los Angeles on more than one occasion. One Jewish man was reportedly even chased by vehicles waiving Palestinian flags. Similar incidents are also happening across the country with attacks against Jewish Americans even occurring in New York.

The United States is a country proudly filled with people of every race, creed, and color. It is unacceptable for Jewish Americans to feel endangered due to an ignorant few. That’s why I am calling on all Democrats to stand with Israel and to stand with our Jewish Americans who proudly call this great nation home. Anything less cannot be tolerated. Democrats cannot continue to signal to their supporters or anyone else willing to listen that intolerance against Israel and their fellow Americans is acceptable in any form or fashion.

As I said before, I am proud to stand with Israel, and I am proud to stand with the Jewish Americans I share this country with. I ask for every Democrat – and every Republican for that matter – to take this stand with me. Condemn the hatred against Israel, and condemn the hatred here in the United States. It is simply the right thing to do.

Vernon Jones is a former Georgia State Representative who is currently running to be the next Governor of Georgia (R).

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