Stephen Moore to Newsmax: Another Stimulus Could Wreck the Economy

Stephen Moore, an ex-economic advisor to former President Donald Trump, cautioned that the Biden administration should not pass another $2 trillion stimulus bill, as doing so would wreck an already improving economy. 

“One thing,” Moore told Newsmax, “we cannot do given this new threat of inflation is pass another $2 trillion debt bill. Well, actually, Biden has two $2 trillion debt bills that would cause an explosion of inflation, there unseen for. And they’re bad for American competitiveness.”

Appearing on Cortes & Pellegrino,” Moore added “We didn’t have a need for this $1.9 trillion spending bill…I mean, what’s so frustrating about this is; this economy’s teed-up. This economy is so teed-up for an explosion of growth; we got businesses back. You know all over the country, businesses are opening up, stores, restaurants, you know, construction sites. It’s a marvelous thing to see. We got the vaccine out there to over 150 million Americans, it’s great. All we need is Biden just stop,” Moore laughed. ‘Stop what you’re doing. You’re making things worse, not better!”

According to a damning statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of food has gone up 2 percent in the last 12 months, but the price of energy has gone up 25 percent. 

Moore continued, criticizing President Joe Biden for moving us away from energy independence. “Remember, Donald Trump wanted to start the drilling in Alaska. Which was a great thing. Biden wants to suspend that. He wants to suspend that. So we’re not going to get oil from Alaska. They’re also in the Permian Basin, which is the richest oilfield probably in the world they want to stop some of the drilling there because of the prairie what is that? The prairie rabbit?” he asked himself. “Or, so. . . no, no, it’s a chicken! The prairie chicken! You know, come on the prairie chicken? We’re running out of chickens in this country? I mean, my god, they’re trying to find any excuse not to drill for American oil, and Donald Trump made us energy-independent guys.”

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