WHIPLASH: MSNBC Slobbers Over Cookie-Loving Biden, Trashes ‘Weak’ McCarthy

They just can’t help themselves. In a classic display of devotion to the DNC on Tuesday night’s 11th Hour, MSNBC host Brian Williams moderated a panel in which he showcased the contrast between the way the leftist media slobber over Democrats versus how they trash Republicans. Conveniently, the blatant double standard occurred within a few minutes. 

The discussion started off with Williams and his panel, former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, Ashley Parker of The Washington Post, and A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics, breathlessly discussing the news that New York prosecutors have convened a grand jury into the Trump Organization.



Williams then asked Ashley Parker about her “fantastic and extensive reporting” on Joe Biden, which was really nothing more than a puff piece about how Joe Biden is a family man and loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while always keeping the White House stocked with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Williams then went to A.B. Stoddard to have her rip into House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy over taking longer than the leftists at MSNBC would like to denounce Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Sadly this is par for the course with the liberal media. The average viewer learned nothing from this segment other than Biden loves his family and cookies, and Kevin McCarthy is supposedly a coward and an enabler, according to the partisan pundit class. Which is exactly the takeaway they want us to gleam from this.  

This appalling display of media rooting for Democrats while slamming Republicans seconds later was brought to you by Verizon.

Here is a transcript of the May 25 exchange:

The 11th Hour With Brian Williams
11:13 PM ET

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Ashley, back over to your beat at the White House. You did some fantastic and extensive reporting this weekend on Joe Biden, who he is, his life and tastes and his style. And not to ask the reporter to get too Gail Sheehy about it, but what parallels could you take away from that about his patterns and habits, how he lives his life and his governing style as president?

ASHLEY PARKER: Well, he — we looked at that because the personal time, the little free time a president has, how they structure their day, how it’s scripted or unscripted is incredibly revealing. What we found is that Joe Biden is a creature of habit, of routine. Spends much of his free time when he has it with his family. There’s an obvious reason for that. This is a man who lost his first wife, young daughter and later his oldest son to cancer. Family is incredibly important. I was told no matter what he is doing just about, he will drop everything, stop in the middle of conversation, stand up to take a call from his wife, children and grandchildren. There were some interesting things we found in contrast to his predecessors of what he read. Obama read The Atlantic, and Donald Trump basically read Twitter & Breitbart News. Biden is very conversant with “Car & Driver,” the auto magazine, and Apple News that’s installed on iPhones when you get them. Joe Biden, like other older adults, never took that off and aides said he would regale them with little tidbits, like “did you see the world’s largest moth?”, or oh there’s this Japanese woman, the oldest woman in the world, 119 years old, imagine what she’s seen. Just little glimpses here and there. And the last thing is, someone put it to me that Joe Biden has the taste of a five-year-old, eats PB&J, Chop Salad with grilled chicken, He likes Orange Gatorade and stocks the oval office with homemade chocolate chip cookies and salt water taffy.

WILLIAMS: Sounds like a meal. Hey A.B., over to the House of Representatives, tell me about the thought process when member of the Republican caucus makes a horrendous comparison between the holocaust and mask mandates, talk to me about what takes four to five days to respond and denounce that if you’re the leader of the caucus

A.B. STODDARD: Well, Brian, it’s hard to get into the head of Kevin McCarthy. But we know back in February he tried to have it both ways and forgive Marjorie for her past embrace of conspiracy theories, and not kick her off committees in the way that leaders are expected to do, but put it on the floor for a vote, in which he made his rank and file walk the plank and make that decision, a decision a leader should be making, not members. Since then she’s become more popular with the base, tweeting her way to massive war chest in campaign donations, and everyone around her is envying her small dollar gain. More outrageous, more attacks, more fear you foster in those Snapchat messages that voters are getting, the more money comes in. So that is a new force that Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene have perfected and it scares the other members because she knows that the more outrageous she is, the more attention she gets. So obviously was reprehensible and beyond the pale, but it’s a big difference between coming out and saying something about that, comparison to the holocaust and actually doing something. Idea of McCarthy kicking her out of the conference altogether I just think is beyond the imagination. He’s demonstrated he’s too weak to do that. He’s afraid Trump will defend her, so I think we’re going to continue to watch him squirm.

WILLIAMS: That’s about where our politics are as spring is giving way to Summer in 2021. Thanks to Ashley Parker. A.B. Stoddard, Barb McQuaid, Greatly appreciate it.

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