Words of wisdom from the Star Tribune

When it comes to leading from behind, Minneapolis’s Star Tribune is in a class with Barack Obama, if not by itself. While the city has descended into an epidemic of lawlessness over the past year, the Star Tribune has kept its institutional voice decidedly muffled.

After a weekend from hell, the Star Tribune now speaks up in the editorial “Seeking a cease-fire on our city streets.” Subhead: “The ‘both-and’ approach — enforcement plus prevention — is urgently needed.”

The paper speaks up to get behind the late-breaking proposals of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey “to break the cycle of violence this summer[.]” This is what it takes to get them to speak in the face of an ongoing crisis: they can support the DFL mayor of the city!

Unfortunately, it’s too late to break last summer’s or last year’s “cycle of violence.” But that’s not all! Putting their heads together, the editors of the Star Tribune offer this deep thought: “Another vital way for community members to help is to discourage or prevent attacks on police as they are trying to do their jobs.”

Now these are words we can all live by. They deserve some kind of recognition. I declare it the quote of the day.

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