Radicals Attack Tucker Carlson over Vaccination Status

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has come under attack again from the radical left. This time, he is under attack over his vaccination status.

It started with a spot on CNN on Sunday where Dr. Jonathan Reiner said that Carlson was a saboteur. He said that Carlson continues to ask questions about the coronavirus vaccine, but will not tell his audience if he has had the vaccination. He said that is information that his audience deserves to know.

Reiner is far from a coronavirus expert, however. CNN obviously needed a medical expert to try to give some credibility to Jim Acosta’s show and pulled in Reiner. Reiner is an interventional cardiologist by trade at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC.

CNN’s Jim Acosta followed up and said that information would be nice to know but that he was not sure anyone would ever hear that information. The truth is, no one deserves to know if anyone received the vaccination or not, as that is personal health information. Acosta and Reiner both agreed that the information should be made public.

The backlash on Twitter started almost immediately with the topic of #TuckerVaxxed trending among radical leftists. They are calling for Tucker to admit that he was vaccinated and saying that he had to be vaccinated as most Fox News personalities were given the vaccination. Radicals across the country were saying if it was trending on Twitter, then it must be true.

Acosta has been one that has said that irresponsible journalism is dangerous. Yet, he practices irresponsible journalism each time he appears on air. He is peddling propaganda and fueling lies, just like he has accused conservative media of doing.

The Lincoln Project on Twitter: “[email protected], have you been vaccinated? pic.twitter.com/7nsMXJqw8u / Twitter”

@TuckerCarlson, have you been vaccinated? pic.twitter.com/7nsMXJqw8u

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