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Will Caitlyn Jenner be California’s next governor? The biggest obstacle is probably getting a majority of Californians to vote for recalling Gavin Newsom, who is unpopular but has the weight of the Democratic establishment behind him in an overwhelmingly Democratic state. But if voters are willing to pull the plug on the failed Newsom, Jenner may have a real shot.

Yesterday she released this campaign video, which I think sounds the right themes:

Caitlyn for California? Why not?

STEVE adds: Just wait—all of those “courage” awards Jenner won from the Human Rights Campaign Fund and such are going to be revoked (like Richard Dawkins’ “humanist” award), because she has chosen the wrong party. Whatever else may come of this campaign, it will help make more obvious that the identity politics racket is anchored in leftist ideology, and not in true individuality or personal fulfillment.

UPDATED: This didn’t take long.

UPDATE 2—to all the commenters who think the Jenner candidacy is “problematic.” Look, if you can’t have sensible government, at least you can have entertaining government! If you proposed this as a script in Hollywood, every studio exec would throw you out the door. “No one would have that much willing suspension of disbelief!”

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