Not quite live from Phoenix

Phoenix’s James T. Harris hosts The Conservative Circus on News Talk 550 KFYI. He holds down the fort on a morning show that must be the Phoenix equivalent of KTLK’s Justice & Drew within the world of iHeartMedia. In mid-April Harris posted video of the homeless encampments in downtown Phoenix and contrasted the plight of Phoenix’s homeless with the illegal aliens occupying a nearby Holiday Inn.

A Phoenix reader alerts us to the video below posted by Harris on YouTube. Harris himself comments: “The border crisis and illegal dumping in American cities is out of control. Ride with me to central city Phoenix, then out next door to the suburbs, where illegals are being housed.”

A few days after Harris posted his video the news turned up on Phoenix’s Fox10 in a story about protesters outside the Holiday Inn housing illegals. The Holiday Inn must be one of the seven hotels converted to “casas” by ICE for this purpose, per this April 7 Washington Examiner story.

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