Uncle Tim?

(John Hinderaker)

Historically, giving the out-party’s response to a president’s speech to a joint session of Congress has been a thankless task. That is, in part, because the out-party’s response, typically delivered to a camera in a more or less empty room, looks lame compared to the excitement in the House chamber.

Last night may have been different, however. Joe Biden’s snoozefest generated no excitement in the near-empty House, and Senator Tim Scott, delivering the GOP’s response, hit back on the central point the Democrats want to press: Scott denied Biden’s claim that America is a “systemically racist” society.

The result was nuclear. Liberals rushed to denounce Senator Scott, and “#UncleTim,” a favorite epithet, trended on Twitter. Stephen Miller collected a number of offensive liberal tweets, along with this:

Tim Scott’s star has been rising for a while, and last night’s contribution will continue that trend.

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