Princeton admits only 129 white American males

Princeton has offered admission to its class of 2025 to 1,498 applicants. According to numbers provided by the University, fewer than nine percent of them (129 out of the 1498) are white American males. Of that small number many — perhaps most — are recruited athletes.

68 percent of the admitted applicants identify as “persons of color.” 14 percent identify as international students. 52 percent are female. 48 percent are male.

Putting these numbers together, we see that 82 percent of those admitted identify as “persons of color” or international students, while 18 percent are white Americans. Less than half of that small group are male.

In its announcement, Princeton lumps Asian-American together with Blacks and other minority group members as “persons of color.” Thus, we don’t yet know what percentage of those offered admission belong to which minority group.

We also don’t know how many of the small group of non-athlete white American males whom Princeton admitted denounced their white maleness in their “personal statement.” Even if that’s not a prerequisite, it’s probably a good strategy.

Princeton assures us that in the admissions process “the University remained committed to a holistic review process.” In the hope that Princeton is sued for what looks like racial discrimination, I say “tell it to judge.”

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