Mainstream Media Outlets Bury Biden Falling Story

On Friday, President Joe Biden fell while going up the steps into Air Force One. It was not just a single slip, but multiple times that he fell, going to his knees and having to stop in order to gather himself to continue up the stairs. You can see the video below.

Several conservative media outlets reported on the Biden situation. None were critical of him in how he walked, in the fact he fell, or that he struggles. Most mentioned that he had yet again referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as President again.

That’s the difference in mainstream media versus conservative media. When Trump was in office, the mainstream media started running stories about how he turned his foot when he walked. They were trying to say he was not well.

The media wanted to argue that he was not as strong as he claimed and paint some doubt in the minds of Americans about the strength of their leader. It was typical actions of the mainstream media where they ignore a real story.

That is exactly what they did with the situation of Joe Biden falling. Mainstream media outlets across the board were ignoring the event and acting like it did not happen. The only outlet to give any coverage was Fox News.

The bias that continues to be displayed by the mainstream media is disgusting. No one certainly would wish harm on President Biden, but anyone with a brain recognizes that this man is not fit to be President.

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