Parler is Dead and It’s Their Fault

Parler could have been the answer to Twitter, but it failed to anticipate Apple, Google and Amazon’s censorship.

Beyond the app store mess, Parler’s leaders never pulled in a wider audience. They didn’t pull in the gamers, cooks, athletes and singers you might find on Twitter or Facebook. The leadership has no idea what they are doing and is completely ideological. Parler needed to bring in all people regardless of ideology. But, it didnt’

That’s the problem to entering the social media market – Facebook and Twitter already have influencers, a new platform does not.

Gab is poorly implemented and not much fun to use. Parler cured that and gave people a place to go after Twitter decided their voice didn’t matter. Unfortunately, they didn’t give them a great place to go.

Parler became a top 5 most-downloaded app and was the hottest social media property until:

  • Apple kicked Parler out of their app stores
  • Google kicked Parler out of their app stores
  • Amazon kicked Parler off it’s hosting platform effectively killing an enemy without even trying

Congress isn’t doing anything. State leaders aren’t doing anything. Voters aren’t doing anything.

Parler is dead. Long live whatever replaces it.

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