Podcast-palooza: 3WHH, and The Ricochet Show

Busy week, which ended with podcast overtime pay for me. And so for the first time, two for the price of one!

First up, our regular installment of the Three Whisky Happy Hour. This week we shake up the format, and skip over our gratuitous whisky reviews and commentary on the top news stories of the week, and head straight in to the classroom for our long-postponed seminar on constitutional originalism, rightly understood. We do this by focusing in on four “mystery passages” about constitutional interpretation from prominent jurists, and ponder what are some obvious difficulties with these statements. Audiences are usually surprised at the big “reveal” of who said each of the four statements.

Bottom line: jurists need to think a lot harder about some basic questions of political philosophy. Curious listeners can find more background on the whole matter here and here, for starters.

Then at the end we save a few minutes to update last week’s news item about whether France is going to save America, and some personal reminiscences about Rush Limbaugh.

And not to worry: we still make time for a little whisky talk. I had the Glenfiddich Fire & Cane (pictured above), and Lucretia sampled the Glenfiddich 18-year old (left). (And I swear we didn’t coordinate this!)

Listen here, or from our hosts at Ricochet.

And on Friday, I sat in for the vacationing Rob Long on the flagship Ricochet podcast, in which we talk with Ayaan Hirsi Ali about her new book Prey, break down the Texas electricity breakdown, reminisce about Rush Limbaugh, the Mars landing, and other topics (including my theory about Mitch McConnell—BTW, happy 79th birthday to McConnell today).

Bonus: If you listen all the way to the very very end, you’ll catch me on the blooper reel for the episode. One fun thing about doing the Ricochet podcast is the great custom artwork they always come up with:

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