Eric Trump Slams Scottish Proposal to Probe His Father’s Golf Courses

Former President Donald Trump’s son Eric has criticized Scottish politicians ahead of a debate in Parliament on Wednesday whether to initiate a probe into the financing of his father’s resorts, Politico reported.

The debate was requested by Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie, who wants the government to seek an “unexplained wealth order” (UWO), which is part of British criminal legislation, against the Trump Organization’s two golf courses in the country.

A UWO requires the subject to explain how their assets were acquired, and if the answer is not considered to be satisfactory the assets can be seized as “presumed to be recoverable property.”

Harvie explained to The Scotsman that it should be closely examined how the two local resorts were funded, because the former president’s business dealing were under investigation in the U.S.

“Patrick Harvie is nothing more than a national embarrassment with his pathetic antics that only serve himself and his political agenda,” said Eric Trump, an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, according to a statement in The Guardian.

“If Harvie and the rest of the Scottish government continue to treat overseas investors like this, it will deter future investors from conducting business in Scotland, ultimately crushing their economy, tourism and hospitality industries.”

Harvie, who sits with the opposition, responded on the BBC by saying that “as entertaining as Eric Trump’s tantrum is he doesn’t say where his dad got the money to buy his Scottish golf courses.”

The parliamentary debate will be followed by a vote, which is not binding, but would put considerable pressure on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to seek an UWO.

Sturgeon has previously declared that any probe is the responsibility of Police Scotland and the Crown Office.

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